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Re: short term tasks for GNU/kFreeBSD

mmmmh... I think this is a deja-vu... I downloaded the iso and the
sha1sum in the site is

whilst I get from my downloaded iso:


I've used both, wget -c and the firefox downloader just in case of. In
both cases I got
3fdeff1ed0a948a87ea0e07c2e62a434, which is different of what you give
in your site...

now what??

2007/5/13, Vim Visual <vim.unix@googlemail.com>:

> The new iso images of the install CD are online for a few days now. I
> waited for positive feedback before announcing that. I think they are
> ok, I will send an announcement soon (ie this week-end).

I've been out of business for a while now. Last time I tried
debian/kfreebsd was five months ago, back in December.
I remember having some issues installing the system, I didn't know
which modules should I install etc... has the installer been improved?
And where's the last iso? Is the lastest one this one (i386)?

I am very excited about this but I remember having some problems when
setting up the wireless driver (intel 2200) and I do need it.



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