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New user - Some problems (emacs, sbcl)


I'm acting as a proxy for a new user who has some troubles with his new
GNU/kFreeBSD installation. I've also set the Reply-To to his mail
address since he isn't subscribed.

| Hello, I installed debian gnu-kbsd yesterday under qemu.  I had some
| difficulties with Xorg which were fixed, with the help of some guys in
| #gnu-kbsd.  Now there are two other problems that remain, and are
| major in my opinion:
| 1. Emacs: I can't install the packages emacs or emacs21 because of
| broken dependancies.  Then i installed emacs-snapshot. Now emacs works
| in non-X, but if i start X and run emacs, or emacs-snapshot, or
| emacs-snapshot-x, i get the following error: Fattal error
| (11)Segmentation fault I think that this is a very important "bug"
| because I can hardly use my system without emacs.
| 2. SBCL: The package sbcl is not available in the repos although the
| sbcl-source, and sbcl-doc are. On #gnu-kbsd I was told that it is
| because it has to be bootstraped. I would like to ask you to fix that
| as soon as possible, because the window manager i usually use
| (stumpwm), depends on sbcl, and a lot of my daily computer time has
| to do with sbcl. (well for lisp programming I could still use clisp,
| which is ported)
| Thanks in advance,
| Antonis Antoniadis (plutonas)

I don't know much about emacs (never used it) so if someone more
familiar with it could have a look, that could be fixed more quickly
that I would be able to.

About the sbcl package, I never work on bootstrapping, but I'm willing
to try that soon.


Cyril Brulebois

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