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Re: Getting patches applied. emulated buildd's are good (was: kFreeBSD is "fantastic")

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 08:41:43PM -0600, Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
> Should porters be required to NMU? I would hope not in this quantity as
> someone who NMU's should consider themselves a virtual maintainer until
> the next upload (or at least I've read this a few times from people such
> as aj?).

If you NMU you need to either not break anything, or fix the things you
break. I'm not sure what would be a reasonable way of achieving that for
fixes for new OSes -- it might be that we need better automated testing
first, so that we find out that a package doesn't build right as soon
as it stops building right, rather than only the next time someone
uploads it.

> Perhaps we can recommend marking bugs as -patch if the patch is no good? 

Yeah; that's (meant to be) implied by the def'n of the patch tag.

> Pierre Habouzit answered the rest [5] pretty well. See also that debian-bsd
> also answers user questions promptly from time to time.

I'm confused that that list shows up more posts in the Jul-Dec 06
archives than I remember from last time I looked. Is there an alioth
kfreebsd list or something I might've been looking at instead?


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