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Re: short term tasks for GNU/kFreeBSD

Petr Salinger <Petr.Salinger@seznam.cz> (15/03/2007):
> * make fewer packages uninstallable 
> (http://edos.debian.net/edos-debcheck/)
>  - build and upload xulrunner
>  - porter NMU of jabber-common (#407102)
>  - port tct
>  - port cdrdao
> I am currently short of time, any volunteers ? ;-)

Hi Petr and -bsd,

I'm currently finishing my first walk through the "easy" FTBFS
(according to maxwell + hagrid logs) and trying to fix as many of them
as possible, and take some notes about why I think others fail. Once
that finished, I'll have a look at your suggested tasks.

(Aurélien: a sponsored porter NMU could be interesting for me, so that I
can let my AM know that I'm able to handle this kind of things, and
jabber-common could be a good candidate, although it is not urgent
(quite a recent bug) and we might be do that with another package.)


Cyril Brulebois

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