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Re: Getting patches applied. emulated buildd's are good (was: kFreeBSD is "fantastic")

Drew Scott Daniels <ddaniels@UMAlumni.mb.ca> (08/03/2007):
> guillem's [0] list of bugs [1] shows the main problem for the kfreebsd
> porters. 93 "important" (probably release-critical for kfreebsd) with
> patches available! 105 bugs with patches not applied.

To be fair, 20+ were opened in the last 3 days, and some are already
pending or closed (thanks!). But I agree that having some patches
sleeping during months (or years) isn't that funny for porters...

> Perhaps we can recommend marking bugs as -patch if the patch is no
> good? Maybe a user tag or some way of having patches marked as needing
> more review? I think if we did these, we'd still see that good patches
> aren't being applied but at least we'd be able to help more quickly
> identify where work is needed.

As a first guess, one could use “patch moreinfo” to ask for help or peer
review, though asking the porter/patch submitter for explanations, and
eventually the -bsd list, should be sufficient. But I agree that there
might be better semantics (set of) (user)tags.


Cyril Brulebois

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