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Re: kFreeBSD is "fantastic"

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 05:40:21PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

  As of kFreeBSD:
> 		a. kfreebsd -- easy!
> 			i.   add it to the archive!
> 				- straight after etch release?
		  that's the matter of the discussion here, and it's not
		up to the kfreebsd porters, but the ftp-master, who you
		are speaking in the name of if I'm not mistaken. I see
		strong opposition here, which I still do not undertand.

> 				- promote ging livecd?
                  I think it's already the case, it's documented on the
		wiki pages about kfreebsd.

> 				- do a vmware-format image?
		  A Qemu image would be way more adequate IMHO. but
		that's definitely doable.
> 				- update archive qualification page?
                  I'm still missing what's really missing from it,
		except a couple of developers which is well not a real

> 			ii.  intro and demos at debconf?
> 			iii. developer accessible machines?
		  They already exist. kfreebsd also has enough buildd's
		(redundancy et al. a thing that not all official arch

> 			iv.  kfreebsd strike force?
                  it exists, look at the différent lists on alioth for
		the *-bsd-* projects.

> 			v.   piuparts or other automated testing infrastructure?
                  Oh that's new, I wasn't aware the official RC arch did
		had such an infrastructure !

> 			vi.  release consideration?
		  That's not required to be in SCC afaict, though I
		reckon it would be great. But one goal at a time seems
		reasonnable and IMHO it's not to be decided before

>                         vii. installation methods?
                  Ging works. Some GSoC were submited to port d-i but
		maybe it was only for hurd and I'm mistaken. Again it's
		not a big concern while it's not a released arch.

> ...and see who wants to sign up to help with the different parts and
> flesh bits out, and if there are any other ways to exceed expectations
> on each of the various points. But I don't know if that /is/ the goal
> you're going for overall, or if it's something different.
> Cheers,
> aj

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