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Re: kfreebsd - another binNMUs

Oops, this mail was not intend to go to debian-bsd. But it seems nothing
 is really private.

Aurelien Jarno a écrit :
> Petr Salinger a écrit :
>> Hi Aurelien,
> Hi !
>> I will look again and send some more.
>> Currently there is at about 200 uninstallable binary packages
>> in both kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64.
>> Not all are solvable via binNMU :-(
>> Excelent example is #407102.
> I hope the maintainer of those packages will be reactive.
>> BTW, do you think it would be possible to release etch based snapshot
>> or at least snapshot of sid in time of etch release ?
>> I already twice tried to ask about snapshots, but no reply so far.
>> http://lists.debian.org/debian-bsd/2007/01/msg00017.html
> I know Guillem is very busy, that could explain it has not answered to
> those emails :-(
> Releasing an etch based snapshot looks difficult, but doing a snapshot
> of sid in time of etch release looks possible, even without the support
> of Guillem. I can make a snapshot of the archive on my home machines,
> but given they are on an ADSL line, it won't be possible to make it public.
> The good news is that io.debian.net and hagrid.debian.net [1] will be
> replaced by a single powerfull machine donated by Lufthansa [2] through
> Debian to Debian France with a few other machines. It is a Dual Xeon
> 3.0GHz machine with 2048MB of RAM. If it has enough disk, it would be
> perfect to put snapshots. If not, I think we could find a disk for that.
> BTW I never proposed you, but if you want an account on io.debian.net,
> just ask me. It is primarily dedicated to Debian Developers, but also to
> everybody who help the GNU/kFreeBSD port.
> Among the machines donated by Debian France, we also plan to use one of
> them to host various services, including the wanna-build database for
> kfreebsd-i386, kfreebsd-amd64, and hurd-i386, and possibly to hold the
> build logs. I think it would be then possible to give you an access to
> the wanna-build database, so that you can requeue and binNMU packages
> directly.
> The machines should arrive during February, so I hope they will be
> online during March. I will give you more details as soon as I have some.
> Bye,
> Aurelien
> [1] you may have noticed this build daemon is currently down for an
> unknown reason, that's why some packages have not been uploaded.
> maxwell.aurel32.net is now rebuilding the lost packages, so they should
> be uploaded by tomorrow. I will have more news about hagrid.debian.net
> on monday.
> [2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-project/2006/12/msg00032.html

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