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Re: Problem with ARG_MAX in kfreebsd-kernel-headers


I was about to report this in the BTS but I'm a bit confused about which
package is responsible. The problem is that in kfreebsd-kernel-headers (=0.22)
and the kfreebsd-5 source, <sys/syslimits.h> has conflicting definitions of
ARG_MAX. In kfreebsd-kernel-headers the value is 262144 while in the kernel
package there is the patch 905_grow_arg_max.diff which raises ARG_MAX to
131072. Both are pretty high but I know of at least one case where this is a
kdepim is FTBFS again because when dh_fixperms runs for kdepim-doc it fails
with "xargs: chown: Argument list too long".

So, this is the problem, but what is the solution? I'm a bit mixed up on which
source packages are responsible in this case.

Some history:

Plain FreeBSD 5.x have had limit 64 KB, it have been too low,
so it have been raised in kfreebsd-5 package to 128 KB.

Plain FreeBSD 6.x have limit 256 KB in general, 64 KB for arm and powerpc.
It is again adjusted in kfreebsd-6 package,
the limit is 256 KB in general, 128 KB for arm and powerpc.

Current kfreebsd-kernel-headers is based on kfreebsd-6,
so on both i386 and amd64 it is 256 KB.

IMHO reasonable long term solutions are

a) raise limit in kfreebsd-5 package to match limits in kfreebsd-6,
   build it, upload it, install on buildd machine

b) install on buildd machine a kfreebsd-6 package
   and declare kfreebsd-5 deprecated

Short term solution for kdepim is to requeue it
on a buildd running 6.x kernel with enough memory.


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