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Re: kdenetwork, patch need revision or filing?

Kostas Koukopoulos wrote:
> Hello,
> I noticed that the kdenetwork in unstable (3.5.5-2) is not building [1]
> because it build-depends on the linux-specific package libiw-dev. The
> patch that is online in the patches directory [2] corrects this and some
> other things but is outdated (it's for kdenetwork-3.4.2 while
> kdenetwork-3.5.1 has been built for kfreebsd). Nothing has been filed in
> BTS as far as I can tell and in kdenetwork-3.5.5 the same issues exist
> (bad build-depends and architecture in debian/control as well as an
> incorrect arch check in a header).

the same goes for kdepim (which depends on libbluetooth-dev).

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