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kfreebsd failed to build pilot-qof 0.1.1-2

For some reason, the kfreebsd build of pilot-qof 0.1.1-2 has brought
in the wrong dependencies! It's read the dependencies for 0.1.1-1 in
experimental (where libqof-backend-qsf0 was only recommended) instead of 0.1.1-2 in unstable where it is a dependency. This has resulted in
a failed build because the test suite cannot write data.


Something is definitely wrong because the affected buildd log is
filed under experimental:

Basically, the config of the kfreebsd buildd must be wrong somewhere, it's building an unstable package in an experimental config! pilot-qof 0.1.1-2 shouldn't be anywhere near experimental. I think this must be
a result of the libpisock8 to libpisock9 transition.

Could someone take a look for me (I'm not a DD, I'm in NM) and rebuild pilot-qof 0.1.1-2 with the correct dependencies?



Neil Williams

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