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Re: [kfreebsd-amd64] Problem building glib2.0

Aurelien Jarno a écrit :
Petr Salinger a écrit :

It might be due to non-working visibility.
It is not sometimes fully supported in cross compiling.
Probably simply (native) rebuild of binutils and/or gcc-4.0 should suffice.

I will see with Robert Millan if they have been rebuilt at least once natively.

According to timestamps in

gcc-4.0 is built against older (may be non-native) binutils.

Ok, then I will rebuild it.

Could you, please, check configure log for
"checking for GNUC visibility attribute... yes"

There is a "yes" in the config log, so this seems to be supported.

Can you try to force it to "no",
and consequently #define G_GNUC_INTERNAL as empty ?
Will it work ?

That works thanks for you help. I will rebuild gcc-4.0 and then give another try without modifying glibconfig.h.

I still have the problem with a gcc-4.0 rebuilt from source. I have uploaded it to the archive, as it is a newer version.

Moreover the problem does not seem to come from binutils, as using the .o files from GNU/Linux fixes the problem. On the contrary I see the same problem using the .o files from GNU/kFreeBSD on GNU/Linux.

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