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Re: kfreebsd in BTS

I'd like to suggest a virtual kfreebsd BTS entry,
similar to the "kernel" (sigh) one that applies to Linux.

This way we could have:

 - kfreebsd: bugs that apply to all versions (or aren't yet known to be

 - kfreebsd-5: bugs specific to 5.x

 - kfreebsd-6: bugs specific to 6.x

Do you like the idea?

Another approach might also be to use
"clone" and reassign bug to other kernel.
It allows to properly track fixed version for both kernels.

It seems that 5.5 will be last in 5.x series,
see http://www.freebsd.org/releng/index.html,
so it might not lasts too long.

Anyway, I would suggest leave "kfreebsd" for general kfreebsd problems
and use "kfreebsd-kernel" for kernels.


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