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Re: Basic portation thought

On 2/13/06, Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> wrote:

Basicaly yes.  The toolchain also needs some (minor) work.  Then there's the
task of bootstrapping debian, and packaging the kernel itself and related

Interesting, so the kernel is also packaged too.

May I ask, do you have some particular kernel in mind?

Not really. I will give a talk about Debian non-linux ports and I'm looking to get more technical information about this to compose my presentation paper.

I'm not sure.  Originaly, this list was a generic one for various *BSD porting

Then glibc-bsd-devel was created for discussion of Glibc-based GNU/k*BSD ports,
out of which only GNU/kFreeBSD gained significant momentum.

Then the non-Glibc ports vanished and debian-bsd list became unused.  Later
Aurelien set this list for logs of commits, uploads, etc.



Matheus Morais

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