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Bug#338182: kfreebsd-5: signals for linuxthreads internal operation

> > sysdeps/unix/bsd/bsd4.4/kfreebsd/bits/sigset.h
> > -# define __sigmask(sig)        ((unsigned int) 1 << ((sig) - 1))
> > +# define __sigmask(sig)        ((unsigned int) 1 << ((sig) - 1) % 32)

> Fixed, thanks. However, I don't know which code use this definition and 
> so may be buggy.

Namely glibc, few lines lower in inlines for
__sigismember,  __sigaddset, __sigdelset and lately in glibc-2.3/signal/
and especially glibc-2.3/linuxthreads/signals.c 

It can cause problems only for signals above 32,
I suspect no one used to use such signals.
But it have to be fixed before linuxthreads start 
using signals other then SIGUSR*.

So, according to svn log, it was fixed "just in time" ;-)



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