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Help I need you input

I am a grandmother raising her two grandchildren.  In June of 2003 I became very ill and in February 2004 had surgery.  I have always worked all my life and am on social security due to disability and illness.  Because the children are my grands I qualify for no help.  We are the only three in the house.  My daughter is ill and I have custody of the children. 
They are going to take my house away and will not work with meI need help.  Please help me please.  They delivered a letter today after I thought they were working with me.  Please help me I have no where to go.  Please.  I need your help.  I am not asking for a handout I just need them to accept a new plan or something.  Please help me.
Doris A Matthews
29 Kanabe Drive
Westampton, NJ 08060
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