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Re: Invitation to the Oldenburg Linux Developers Meeting

Robert Millan a écrit :
Uhm.. perhaps we should request the listmasters to do something with
debian-ports, so that we don't recieve off-topic messages like this one.

  - Create debian-cpu-ports and debian-kernel-ports, then deprecate

  - Create debian-kernel-ports, then re-define debian-ports as only for cpu

What do you people think?

Well, we are receiving very few off-topic messages like that one on this list. And I am not even sure it is that much off-topic, as I thought to go there to have a first contact with the Debian installer-team and try to see how we could work to have d-i working on GNU/kFreeBSD. Unfortunately I won't be able to go there.

So I think we could just ignore such messages coming there until they get very annoying.


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