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Re: Announcing Ging

Hi Nicolas!

On Sun, Aug 28, 2005 at 09:54:51PM +0200, Nicolas Souchu wrote:
> 3. What does "Ging" stand for?
> It stands for "Ging Is Not Ging". It is, to my knowledge, the first recursive acronym with an implicit contradiction.
> GNU is Not Unix

"GNU is Not Unix" is not an implicit contradiction.  It can be argued wether
GNU is Unix or not, but that depends on external information.  :)

OTOH, my POV on this is the same as NetBSD's:


> It is a fork of GNU/kFreeBSD or a new distribution?

It's a Debian-based distribution, like Morphix.  I don't think it's a fork
since Ging follows the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD codebase very closely and all
mergeable changes are pushed back (and I intend to keep it this way).

The key differences are:

  - Ging aims to produce a usable, complete environment in LiveCD, whereas the
    official Debian GNU/kFreeBSD LiveCD is just a means for installing Debian.
    Also, Ging images can only be generated from a Debian GNU/kFreeBSD system,
    whereas the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD LiveCD can be built from any Debian system.

  - Ging provides only free software.  While this is also true for Debian
    GNU/kFreeBSD at the moment, future versions will become official in Debian,
    and so provide access to non-free/contrib, and include base-config that
    advertises them.  Ging, OTOH, has a compromise to remain this way even
    after Debian GNU/kFreeBSD is official in Debian.

Robert Millan

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