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Re: Bug#312524: kfreebsd5-source: suggested by Linux kernel patches

Hi !

Braun Gabor a écrit :
> Package: kfreebsd5-source
> Version: 5.3-13
> I do not have the package installed, I was just browsing the packages with
> aptitude.  I have found that many kernel-patch-* packages and
> kernel-package
> suggests kernel-source, which is provided by kfreebsd5-source.
> I think that since the above packages deal only with Linux kernels, they
> mustn't suggest a FreeBSD kernel.

I agree with that.

> I think the problem is that many packages assume that kernel-source is
> only
> provided by Linux kernel source packages.

That's why I am not sure the bug is totally on the kfreebsd5-source side.
I would suggest something like linux-kernel-source and
freebsd-kernel-source, but I doubt the kernel team (the one dealing with
the linux kernel would accept that).

I'll change the "Provides: kernel-source" line by "Provides:
freebsd-kernel-source" in the next upload. Anyway no kfreebsd package
currently depends on kernel-source so I am not going to break any


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