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Re: freebsd libc and libc_r

On Sat, Feb 19, 2005 at 01:05:34PM +0530, Rajesh Ghanekar wrote:
> Hi,
>    Has anyone tried porting freebsd libc (and libc_r) to linux? Are there
> any precompiled freebsd libc (and libc_r) libraries available? I want
> to compare the performance between these two ports. Basically what i am
> trying is that I have a program which outperforms by a large margin when
> run on freebsd compared to linux.
>   If this question has been asked previously, I am sorry to make the
> noise on this list. Any help appreciated.

I'm not directly involved in the FreeBSD porting attempts, but I would have
my doubts; the only active FreeBSD porting for Debian is using GNU libc
on top of a FreeBSD kernel, rather than a FreeBSD libc on top of a Linux

There are several reasons why your application might have different
performance results on the two platforms, but your best bet for figuring
out why may be to use profiling-enabled code (from libc up, including all
other libraries that might be linked, and the application itself) on both
and study where they spend their time.

If it's a threading application and you link against LinuxThreads on the
Linux box, that can also have a... dramatic impact, which may not be as
easy to track down.

But, as a general rule, the first rule of optomizing things is to look
at what's *actually* happening, so that you know where to optomize.
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