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Brief update: Nienna (native libc NetBSD port)

Since it's been a while...

1) Things can be found at http://nienna.lightbearer.com/

2) This site currently sits behind a cablemodem link, and thus, has a low
uplink rate (it's also not always at the same IP, but it seems to be stable
enough that I can simply update the external DNS when it changes).

3) I have the NetBSD 2.0 kernel sources packaged. I don't yet have a proper
kernel-package equivalent written, but I'll be uploading a hand-built
package that can generate an i386/GENERIC kernel soon.

4) I appear to be close-to-done with the 2.0 tree netbsd-libc package.

5) The netbsd-make package is updated to the 2.0 sources.

6) There is a DebPool-managed archive (see the site listed in #1), but
it is fairly sparse so far, because it started empty and has only had
uploads that can be sanely built, and most of my efforts have been focused
on updating the core build packages. Once they're done, it should fill
out with a lot of basic things rapidly. There is *not* currently an
autobuilder, but things are getting closer to being able to support one.

So, all in all, nothing astounding, but the stuff is back on line after
something of a hiatus due to losing my cheap (and bandwidth-unlimited)
colocation space. If anyone wants to host the archive, all it takes is an
account on which DebPool can be installed (with all of it's Recommends)
and kept up to date, a sufficiently large chunk of diskspace, and enough
bandwidth to let folks download what they need - it can be running on
any released Debian arch (probably also on the amd64 port, but I haven't
verified that). Failing that, I'll leave it where it is, and hopefully
there won't be so many folks that the slow downloads become an issue.
Joel Aelwyn <fenton@debian.org>                                       ,''`.
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