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Nienna is (once again?) online

Not that I expect most folks have been waiting on it much, but I finally
got the new hardware online, running, and (reasonably) stable. It's in a
"ghetto" colocation facility here in Denver, a couple of blocks from where
I work, and may (eventually) move to nicer digs at some point, if I can
find them for a reasonable price.

In the meanwhile, however, it has a new name and a new webpage:


I apologize ahead of time for the mundanity inflicted on your eyes; I write
useful [X]HTML, not pretty. Anyone wishing to volunteer suggestions is, of
course, welcome to.

As the focus of the package listings should show, I'm (initially) aiming
to get the entirety of a debootstrap + build-essential system building
correctly under a NetBSD 2.0 kernel / libc setup. And I'm really going to
try to actually do a better job of publishing the relevant patches as they
get written and submitted, rather than losing them, this time...

There are a few fairly major nits still present in the build environment
I'm using to bootstrap the 2.0 core (it's the old 1.6 chroot tarball of
infamy); while I'm doing my best to make sure the newly compiled stuff is
actually as clean as I can make it, there will probably be some shake-out
time yet to come (apart from the obvious "there are a LOT of packages to
build yet" issue...)

Not to mention the issues of actually getting the netbsd-kernel-source-2.0
package in a useable state, figuring out how to handle things that come
from other sources in the Linux world and which exist as Essential
packages, and other such fun things. But hey, look at the spiffy RSS feed.
Which will have more than one item on it at some point, I promise. :)
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>                                        ,''`.
Debian GNU/kNetBSD(i386) porter                                      : :' :
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