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Backup my Debian woody system


I have to backup my debian woody system and I am not sure about the best

What I have:
I am running my Debian woody system now since two years and it works
terrific - and even if the world's downfall/perdition would knock at my
front door I now debian is still running like before. But - i have it
installed on my toshiba satellite and my laptop is two years older than my
debian box (4 years) ... the day will come when my harddrive will leave me
to go to /dev/null. So I have to backup my box. I am connected to a little
home network with my PC on which I have FreeBSD installed that I want to use
as a "backup server".

What I did:
Because of lack of free space on my hardrive I am connected with my FreeBSD
system via NFS (FreeBSD server and Debian client). So I did a
tar cvfz root.bak.tar.gz / --exclude=/proc on the mounted remote file system
in /mnt/FreeBSD. From my debian side tar is not complaining about anything
but testing/untaring the archieve in FreeBSD I receive an error message at the end of
the extraction although all files are extracted correctly - maybe the
permission are wrong - I am not sure about it.

What I want:
I want to know if my backup strategy is working this way or if there is a
better solution?

So ... any help/advice/documentation is appreciated.

P.S.: I have posted this mail also to debian-user

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