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Status of NetBSD port?


I am quite interested in the port to the NetBSD kernel.  I've checked
the recent list archives and the website, and couldn't find an answer to
these questions, so please pardon me if they're FAQs.  Here we go:

1. Exactly how much of the NetBSD port comes from NetBSD and how much
comes from Debian?  Is, for example, the NetBSD base system used in its
entirety, or are only necessary things like ifconfig pulled in from

2. Are people actively working on this port?

3. Where could I best contribute to the port?  Would an autobuilder be
useful?  (I do have experience running those; I used to run the one for
our Alpha port.)

4. Is there any infrastructure on debian.org machines for this?  (Areas
on sid, etc.) or does one have to use the ucam.org repository?

5. Has any thought been given to supporting the non-i386 ports of


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