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Re: GNU within the name (Was: Changes in formal naming for NetBSD porting effort(s))

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org> writes:

Joel> RMS / FSF / GNU ask for the GNU prefix (where they consider it
Joel> appropriate)


Joel> *NetBSD* is asking for it to be 'KNetBSD' rather than just 'NetBSD',
Joel> because the latter, in their view (and theirs is the view one should
Joel> respect, given they created it) is the full OS, not just the kernel. This
Joel> is not the same as Linux, obviously.

  I wouldn't call the curtained legal threat ``asking''.

>> No 'K' is required there, in fact advocating a 'K' is specifically in
>> contradiction to what we're being asked to do by placing "GNU/" on the
>> front in the first place.
>> If it's GNU/KNetBSD then it should also be GNU/KLinux and GNU/KHurd.

Joel> Only if Linux asked us to make it KLinux, and I *really* doubt that RMS
Joel> wants it KHurd, since it's just 'GNU', with no kernel specification,
Joel> formally (Hurd is the declared default assumption of kernel for the GNU
Joel> system, or so I have been told).

  I've personally accepted KNetBSD for the sake of distinguishing from
the other NetBSD-based Debian port. *sigh* They were there first :)


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