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Re: installation problems (was: mount bsd partition)

On Fri, Dec 05, 2003 at 06:33:48PM +0100, Filip Hroch wrote:
> Thank you for information. My story continues...
> I was start by my firts step after the reading of the ansfer.
> I reinstalled of the FreeBSD. Now, I have only one large slice
> and a swap on my BSD partition. The file system is UFS1 (the details
> about UFS1 and UFS2 are described in instalation manual of FreeBSD but
> I didn't understant it during first reading). Unfortunatelly, the recent
> linux kernels mounts the partition on read-only mode correctly but its
> read-write mode fails (the most simple command touch /bsd/tmp/a
> issues a kernel oops). Therefore, the simple solution by run crosshurd
> from linux is not possible...

The basic difference from our POV is that UFS2 can't be accessed by GRUB
nor Linux.

> I take notice of debian/knetbsd archive with some iso images. Can I use
> it on instalation of running system without any additional tools? I mean
> by example, the Gentoo project provides instalation CDs. The CD is live
> so it's possible to boot from it, create a new instalation from chroot
> environment and set up complete box (in principle every instalation must
> do it). Is there somethink like it for a debian/*bsd?

We don't have any iso images yet. You must install a *BSD first, then
use the tarball we provide to convert it into GNU/K*BSD.

Base tarballs are to be found in:


Robert Millan

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