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re: Glibc-based Debian GNU/KNetBSD

   This may be possible under NetBSD as well (especially with a generous
   helping of COMPAT option enabling), but given the number of dire warnings
   the manuals all bear about building things in the correct order, I'm not
   willing to trust that it's flexible enough to start doing interesting
   things with.

FWIW, generally it's considered a major bug if a new netbsd kernel[*]
fails with an old userland.  (_maybe_ ld.elf_so needs to be updated
in some rare cases that only apply to some platforms once.)

most of the warnings are (somewhat) dated with the new ./build.sh
method of building netbsd.  in general the only rule one has to adhere
to is "userland age =< kernel age".  and don't "build to DESTDIR=/" :-)

but even that's not always the case - a 1.5 kernel can run nearly all
of the 1.6 userland (this isn't going to be true of 1.6 and 2.0, nor
is it true in most other major releases.)


[*] this is with all the the COMPAT_* options you meantion enabled.

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