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Re: Glibc-based Debian GNU/KNetBSD

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 05:18:29PM -0500, Nathan Hawkins wrote:
> Also, I'd like to point out to you that when this started, none of the
> people involved had any real experience with porting Debian. So that
> learning curve, plus RL demands on our time, had a lot to do with the
> time it took to accomplish anything. Anyway, I seem to recall that the
> critical part of my work on the native libc port got done in about 2-3
> months.

I recall having participated in both ports years ago. I do also recall seeing
GNU/*BSD systems with *BSD libc based on _slink_. Seems obvious that progress
is very slow with *BSD libc's.

> > And I have seen your "less work" patches already. Xfree86 and pam are good
> > examples. Have a look at them.
> We fixed pam to run on native libc a long time ago. It wasn't that bad,
> once I got libshadow written. And last I knew you didn't have an X
> server package, which I had on the native libc a long time ago.

I was referring to the GNU/NetBSD port. See bug #201683 for example, and
compare it to the one-liner patch I sent to pam. As for Xfree86, try
"wc -l debian/patches/84*" in the source tree. Just a pair of examples.

(btw, fixing the X server is on my todo)

Robert Millan

"[..] but the delight and pride of Aule is in the deed of making, and in the
thing made, and neither in possession nor in his own mastery; wherefore he
gives and hoards not, and is free from care, passing ever on to some new work."

 -- J.R.R.T, Ainulindale (Silmarillion)

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