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Upcoming stuff...

So. Been a while since I wrote anything to this list. I figured I should
update the current status report a bit:

1) I'm now gainfully employed, and as such, my available time has
   dropped fairly significantly. I'm still working on stuff, there just
   isn't as much time available for it as there was before.

2) At some point in the next couple of weeks, barring major catastrophe,
   I should have a fairly nice box installed into a colocation facility,
   with a reasonable connection, and dedicated to doing NetBSD stuff on.

3) I will be restarting the archive, with the following notes:

   - The new archive will use debpool (and thus, theoretically be able
     to handle uploads via HTTPS PUT, without needing logins on the box

   - It will be based on -current again (aka, pre-2.0), since I have
     run into problems which can only be resolved by having working
     POSIX Thread support. Additionally, 2.0 is verified against GCC 3,
     and supports C++ extended atexit semantics (something Debian GCC
     turns on unconditionally, except for BSD; a patch I'd love to make
     simpler again :)

4) I am continuing to work on the 4-to-3-clause BSD license conversion,
   with the gracious permission of the NetBSD Foundation (contacting
   authors and asking them to relicense, submitting patches, and working
   with the Core team to get them integrated cleanly). So far, this has
   been dramatically successful, insofar as my time has permitted me to
   manage getting it done (a lot, early on, not quite so much, recently).
   Anyone willing to handle juggling the back-and-forth engineering of some
   NIS/YP code by Theo de Raadt to manually verify whether portions of code
   can be relicensed using his (more permissive) 2-clause license from the
   OpenBSD version should contact me off-list.

I think that's pretty much how things stand at the moment...
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>                                        ,''`.
Debian GNU NetBSD/i386 porter                                        : :' :
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