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Re: default CPU target for ix86 based ports

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 10:05:13AM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Now that the kernel-image packages supports hw emulation of i486
> instructions on i386 hardware, I'd like to change the code generation
> to default to i486 (not sure if it should be tuned for any other
> target, i.e. -mtune=i686).
> IIRC the Hurd can be built for i586 only, so it could be used as the
> default target CPU as well.
> Unsure about the bsd targets.

TTBOMK, NetBSD doesn't (yet) have kernel emulation of i486 instructions
on i386 targets. On the flip side, we also have no installed userbase, so
it is, perhaps, less crucial to support extremely old processors for this
(especially if Linux continues to support them).

On the gripping hand, NetBSD's kernel+libc would probably run faster on
them than a current Linux+Glibc. However, I think it's safe to say that
if someone cares enough, it will get written (probably cribbed from the
Linux code, frankly), and otherwise... I see no problem with changing the
default, at least for us.

On a separate note, Matthias, we should be able to get rid of the
__cxa_atexit stuff shortly. NetBSD -current (pre-2.0) should now support it
(at least, my PR has been closed as fixed, and I've seen the code fragments
in the source :) and the next round of my NetBSD porting will be to that
kernel (I ran into some critical packages that absolutely would not work
with GNU pth, so we need the POSIX threads implementation that has appeared
in -current).

Look ma, threads! (and gcc 3.3.x even appears to have support for using
them :)
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>

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