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Announcing glibc-bsd project in Alioth

Hi there!

After some days of work, I finished setting up the Glibc-bsd project
at Alioth, for maintainance of Glibc-based GNU/*BSD ports of Debian
(and specialy, the GNU/FreeBSD port). See:


There's a mailing list, glibc-bsd-devel, for general port discussion, and
for discussing maintainance of FreeBSD's base components packages (kernel,
libc, utils, make). I invite everyone to join and participate on it.

The Debian packages of FreeBSD's base components are setup in CVS
repositories. You can use the debian/ dirs from the repo with the orig
tarballs, to be found in:


_Many_ thanks to Nathan Hawkins for providing these packages, doing all the
initial packaging work and adapting them for cross-linking against BSD libc
from the Glibc-based port.

Robert Millan

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