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Re: Tried to compile pppd but no luck

Robert Millan writes:
On Tue, Jul 08, 2003 at 04:41:51AM +0100, Pedro F. Giffuni wrote:
Can you please submit the NetBSD patches to the author? The latest release
doesn't support FreeBSD or NetBSD and updating the FreeBSD patches is
non-trivial. This could be maintained in the ports tree and would leave the
door open to suggest a different pppd (or an updated one) in the base FreeBSD

Do you think so? That would help us much, since we wouldn't have to maintain
Samba's PPP ourselves.

I think that might fly.
Is there something you can do to ask the FreeBSD developers to switch their
PPP to Samba's?

This shouldn't be necessary. All we have to do is get the patches merged upstream, and then point out to FreeBSD developers that with the native ppp in the base system, it makes sense to move pppd to the ports tree. FWIW, I think I can probably get the userspace ppp to build. The only problem with it now is that it needs libutil, which is mostly incompatible with the glibc world, but I think I can probably fix ppp to not need it.

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