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Re: xfree86 4.3.0-0pre1v1 - request for porting help!

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 10:43:26PM +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Hi guys!
> You're getting this mail because *BSD doesn't yet support XFree86 4.3.0.
> As you may or may not know, I have been preparing 4.3.0 packages for some
> time now, which are soon to become the official packages (an
> xfree86_4.3.0-0pre1v1 source package from the XSF is expected soonish).

Gah. I kept meaning to get around to looking at those for you. Bad me.

> Unfortunately, 4.3.0 can't go into sid without all the architectures we
> support - that's where you guys come in.
> Porting to XFree86 isn't difficult per se, it just needs a lot of
> horsepower, and about 4gb of diskspace. The builds for your relevant
> architectures will fail once: I'll need the debian/MANIFEST.$(ARCH).new
> file, and I'll then send you an updated source package, which should
> produce a complete build.

Hmmm. This wasn't actually my experience, with 4.2.x; some chunk of
the Imakefile stuff had to be changed to handle the concept of "BSD
kernel/libc/functions, GNU userland", and there was a chunk of changes
needed to support the concept of splitting them (or rather, having a new
arch ID). If these changes already got rolled into 4.3, though, it should
be fairly close and clean.

> If you are interested in porting the XFree86 packages to your
> architecture (this does not involve code work, most likely), please
> contact me ASAP, and I will supply you with the source line for
> preliminary 4.3.0-0pre1v1 packages. I don't want to give it out in
> public because it isn't released yet, and I fear for my uplink if I do.

Since I did 4.2 for NetBSD, I'm happy to work on 4.3 stuff as well. I have
a build machine that can handle it (though it takes about 6 hours for a
build). I may have a few other questions for you (Branden ran out of time
to try to figure them out for 4.2) about whether certain things need to get
built, and whether they have any usefulness. :)

If this is the same APT source that you posted to debian-x a while back,
I'll grab it from there and try to build it in the next day or two.

> Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Not a problem. Believe me, I want a working X setup. :) Keep in mind that,
so far, we don't have either port up to the point where you could really
sanely log in and work on a console, probably, so the video stuff hasn't
gotton significant testing. The server-X stuff for 4.2 has been running on
my box for at least six months, though, and seems to be fine :)
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>

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