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Re: working GNU/FreeBSD chroot

On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 06:21:21PM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:
> at this point, the system is sane enough to bootstrap Debian. I'm currently
> building some basic packages, and i think i'll be able to produce packages
> for gcc, binutils and other build-essential soon. when the package set is
> self-hosting i'll build a new chroot jail that is (mostly) debianised, then
> we can start porting packages all together :)

ok, as said.. I completed debianising the chroot jail, and with a simple
script you can generate a sane GNU/FreeBSD build environment using
debian packages exclussively (well, and a pair of tarballs for glibc,
binutils and freebsd-utils). you can get them from:


there's a lot of pending work, specialy in fixing realy unhappy packages,
like dpkg and apt-get. if anyone wants to help, see the ./misc/TODO file.

also have a look at the ./misc/patches dir, there are fixes and/or hacks
to build many packages. i've submitted some of them already but i'm
currently holding untill libtool is fixed (bug #192918), so we can
tell the maintainers to update config.{guess,sub} and libtool.m4 when
submitting a patch.

Robert Millan

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