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working GNU/FreeBSD chroot


my GNU/FreeBSD chroot jail is finaly self-hosting. i
could build Glibc 2.3, GCC 3.2.3 and binutils (cvs)
within the jail, and these worked fine to compile
other packages like coreutils, etc.

i've uploaded a tarball of the system, you can get
it from:


(note for those of you interested on a GNU/FreeBSD
production system: this tarball is _USELESS_ for
anything other than development or bug fixing.)

there are also some patches you might find useful
in the patches/ dir (some updated from Bruno's or
Nathan's, other added myself)

the build environment seems realy sane for being
in alpha stage, but it's unable to bootstrap Debian
yet. there are basicaly two problems that prevent
building and using perl:

- dynamic executables don't work. Glibc's dynamic
  linker triggers a "ELF file OS ABI invalid" error
  (see [glibc]/elf/dl-load.c) when loading an
  executable that is linked against Glibc. i'm
  not sure wether the problem is in ld.so, binutils
  or libc.so itself.

  the workaround i used for now is to link
  everything staticaly, by either using [BOOT_]CFLAGS
  variables or a /usr/bin/gcc wrapper.

- getpw{nam,uid} always fail (return NULL, errno=success)
  this could be a problem in NSS, since other
  NSS services are broken also (hostname resolving)

see /home/README for more details.

Robert Millan

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