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All praise to Doogie! (dpkg support)

dpkg (1.10.10) unstable; urgency=low                                           

  * Update archtable for hurd.  Closes: #187509.
  * Make the dpkg-iasearch conflicts versioned.  Closes: #170698.
  * Surround sed call with '' in Makefile.in.  Closes: #187534.
  * Strip trailing / from the file args in dpkg-statoverride.  Closes:         
  * Modified to use autotools-dev.  Closes: #179656.
  * Add netbsd support.  Closes: #179658, #179659.
  * Support hypenated values in dpkg-architeture. Closes: #179661
  * No longer managed the /usr/doc symlinks.

Enough said, I think. All praise to Doogie. :)
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>

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