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Development Summary?


I read the port web pages of the NetBSD and FreeBSD but I´m confused anyway. ;-)

Both ports are under heavy development. But the summaries presented on the web pages are not really clear how active. I miss changelog like summaries and test images like the Hurd. The boot floppies for NetBSD are from october, is someone working on new ones?

Don't missunderstand me, I'd like to help. So I would suggest to add/ change the following things:
- release test images with changelog
- automsg to the newsletter, with state-of-the-art infos on the current development and liks to the web page
- web page: to do list with open tasks (request for maintainer/ develper)

I'm especially interested in the to do/ open tasks list, because I#d like to help but I have no clue where to start. I could e. g. help with the web pages or whatever.

What´s your opinion?


Manuel Hoppe

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