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Additional (replacement?) vendor-identification

So. Right now, most of our stuff tests for 'Debian/NetBSD' being in uname
-v (and 'Debian' only shows up there, and only on kernels patched to know
what an osv / OS Vendor is).

While looking over a manpage for sysctl last night for other reasons, I
think I found a better answer: the vendor sysctl tree.

vendor.debian.release_major = 3
vendor.debian.release_minor = 0
vendor.debian.release_name = "Woody"

(Or, perhaps, vendor.debian.version = struct, with major/minor/release)

(Especially since the alternative test is generally checking for

So, 2 questions:

1) Should this augment or supplant uname -v?

   Supplant: We get rid of the osv patch, and only muck about with an
   upstream-approved-for-vendor-mucking place.

   Con: uname -v is currently the only 'obvious' display that tells folks
   that it's a Debian system; we currently have some number of patches that
   check for uname -v values.

2) Should we track anything other than the release it was compiled under?
   (and if so, remember that as far as I can see, we only have a limited
   set of data types we can use sanely).
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>

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