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Chroot tarball

Since some number of folks have asked for it, and only a few have gotton
it (and those in varying degrees of sanity), I have put up a compressed
tarball of the working chroot from my NetBSD/i386 system (that is,
the setup which is currently used to compile packages going into the
debian-bsd.lightbearer.com APT archive).

It has a nominally-working XFree86 install (oldish), a recent GCC 3.2.2
install, a patched dpkg that groks netbsd-i386, and a proper libc12

It does *not* have a suitable kernel in /boot, since I'm running an SMP
kernel and some other non-standard compilation options. Apart from that, it
should contain the majority of things necessary for basic package building.

(As a sidenote, if you want APT or any other DNS-using package to work,
you need to either have a resolving nameserver that answers on, or edit /etc/resolv.conf to point to a suitable nameserver
after you unpack it).
Joel Baker <fenton@debian.org>

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