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Re: Hello

Hello Dan,

a few weeks ago i posted about NetBSD-Debian, but i did not get any reply :-((

Dan Walrond <djw@compsoc.dur.ac.uk> schrieb am 06.01.03 17:58:52:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a SparcServer 20 lying about doing nothing, so I fancied
> installing the NetBSD port of Debian onto it. It appears that the sparc
> port doesn't exist. After speaking to the guys on #debian-bsd they told
> me the first thing that needs to get done is compiling dpkg. So I've got
> the CVS version to see if that works. I'm still working my way around
> NetBSD so my progess will probably be slow. I'm no expert hacker, but
> I'm willing to learn.

Well, IMHO the first thing to know is about the concepts of the other port.s.
Which parts of NetBSD are needed and which parts of debian? Will, for example, NetBSD-debian 
simply be a NetBSD bootdisk (i.e., an absolutely minimal BSD system) + debian 
package system + netbsd software in debian packages? Or is a larger base system 
necessary/desirable? Is there any concept of this? Are the two existing ports identical in this
respect or do they differ? Which versions of NetBSD and Debian sources do we base on?
I have a cdrom image of NetBSD 1.5.2 an a full Debian 3.0/intel including sources. Would this
be an appropraite basis to start with?

Then the prerequisits:
a) Hardware

do You have a 2nd machine to build the port? If no, two bootable disks would be very useful - one for
the development system, and one to test the installation.

b) Software: in which host environmentwill You build the port? NetBSD, Linux, Solaris (Intel/Sparc/whatever --
    setting up gcc as a cross compiler is a bit laborious but not difficult)

BTW: my testing system would be a sparcstation 2; i would like to build things on my Ultra1/Solaris box

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