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Re: BSD 'window' instead of 'screen' on Debian

Pieter-Paul Spiertz wrote:
I see. I'm having lots of small basic stupid compile errors indeed.
I just scp'ed the /usr/src/usr.bin/window from a FreeBSD 4.6.2 box to my
Debian unstable box, did the same for /usr/include/machine after pmake/cc
complained about a missing header file and now I'm stuck with things like
ww.h:141: duplicate member `C_m'
ww.h:142: duplicate member `C_c'
(these depend on #if BYTE_ORDER settings, which probably are wrong..)

Hmm. Looking at my copy, it looks like it wanted <machine/endian.h>. Try changing that to <endian.h>.

I guess it's going to be a nice quest through BSDisms to 'fix' the code to
compile on glibc, but isn't there another way? I hoped debian-bsd had
"ported" some of these dependencies already :)
Besides, I have a strong feeling that I'm doing something weird.. :)

No, no better way that I'm aware of.

I've been porting some of the FreeBSD system utilities and libraries to glibc, but only as I need them. So I have fsck and ifconfig, but not window. Also, I'm porting to glibc on freebsd. That doesn't mean freebsd's fsck or ifconfig will compile on linux.

After reading the web page, I conclude that I'm wanting exactly the opposite
of what you are probably doing: instead of bringing Debian to FreeBSD,
I'm trying to get a bit of BSD-code to Linux-land for fun only.
Is it even legal to make BSD-licensed code depend upon GPL-code..?
(I only want to know whether I'm choosing the right solution, I don't want
a full-sized flamewar which has probably been on -legal years ago anyway)

You shouldn't actually be linking any GPL code. glibc is LGPL. Also, I believe window is under UCB copyright, so there should be no issue with GPL either.


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