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Dependancy info for libc12

Need someone with more familiarity with NetBSD's intricacies to assist on
this one. Currently, lintian is throwing a spew of a single error (one per
library, in both libc12 and libc12-dbg), based on the fact that NetBSD,
unlike Linux, does not have every library dependant on libc (and, in Linux,
libc depends on ld-linux, even - which is statically compiled).

Checking with ldd and objdump, it appears that the libraries really, truly
don't have a NEEDED section pointing to libc, and are, in fact, not linked
against it in anything ELF.

Is this because NetBSD libraries truly don't depend on libc in any fashion
whatsoever (and, as such, I can tell lintian to shut the hell up about it),
or because they should be doing -lc and aren't?
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