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Re: Sparc port

John Ineson wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> I have a Sun IPC here that is running NetBSD and yearning for some good
> Debian lovin'. I know that other people have expressed an interest in
> extending the port to Sparc, so where do we start? Matthew -- did you
> ever write those notes you mentioned last month?

Are these notes about how to start the port-process ? In this case i would be
interested in them.
I'm new on this list and am interested in the alpha port. I got some notes from
Michael Weber, but i'm still pretty lost.

I would also appreciate any other hint about how to start...


PS: also got a Sparc-Station 10 (without disk and ram) and a SGI Indy 5600 XZ
(should be in a runnable state) which don't have much to do... and the basic
steps for porting are probably the same for different architectures ?

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