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re: I've got a bad feeling about this...


as far as i'm aware, there are very conflicting views on mixing
GPL & 4-clause software.  to me, calling them "incompatible" such
that you refuse to link apps & libraries because of it is way over
stepping the mark, espcially if you are linking GPL apps against
a BSD system -- are you going to claim that all non-GPL systems
that include GPL programs should have all their libraries licensed
under the GPL?  is "sunfreeware.com" illegal?  SGI's "fw" ?

   Still, as long as it's DFSG-free... what are the practical implications
   of using it as a core? Do we have to provide an advertising clause in our
   releases, et al, as NetBSD appears to?

you need to provide that Big List somewhere.  a file called LEGAL
would be nice.  it doesn't need to be advertised espcially well
but a one-line notice in the release notes would probably be nice.
it's not the where or how, just the fact that it's somewhere.
   I can work on trying to untangle the strands of which license applies to
   what part of the NetBSD source tree, but I need to know what I should do
   about the copyright file and whether anyone else needs to be aware...

the only problem with the Big List file is that i'd expect a lot of it
not to apply to debian/netbsd.  only those parts in sys/, lib/libc/ and
sundry programs ... which is probably 90% of the list anyway.


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