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re: I've got a bad feeling about this...

   NetBSD. Licensing.
   Appears to be old (non-revised) BSD license... certainly the INSTALL.txt
   file for 1.6 has lines at the beginning of the ungodly long section for
   the NetBSD project (in two forms, no less!)
   Pardon me while I sink into despair of ever untangling the mess, even if
   we can use it (is the old BSD license DFSG-non-free?)

the biggest problem isn't that TNF has a "clause 3" but that N
contributers also do.  however, that list is maintained in
distrib/notes/legal i think so you can easily get a list of
"clause 3"'s in the netbsd source tree.  unfortunately, these
aren't linked to the sources they refer to cuz in some cases
this list is 100's of files across the whole tree.

it was my understanding the old 4 clause UCB license was DFSG
happy, anyway.


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