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freebsd-i386 status update

Hello all,
I thought it's about time I updated people on what's happening with the FreeBSD port.

I've been busy working on glibc. It looks like that'll be the way to go, since it seems to drastically reduce the amount of patches that have to be added to Debian packages. I have to monkey with the BSD sources more, but there's less of them. :)

I have some of the essential BSD utilities building under glibc, and will continue to work on the rest. Mostly this involves working on the system headers that glibc didn't include, and replacing the old 4.0 ones that Bruno stuck in.

Open issues:

* glibc port is incomplete. glibc changes are being merged into CVS, but I can't build a package yet. Threads support doesn't work yet.

* binutils builds but gas doesn't work. Need it for gcc 3.2.

* gcc 3.2 - builds up to a point, and then seems to break while rebuilding itself. I have no idea why... :( (I have 3.1 and 3.0.4 working, though.)

* start-stop-daemon is broken. Now that libkvm is built, I can work from Stockholm's patches for OpenBSD.

Missing essential packages:
bsdutils, e2fsprogs, login, mount, and util-linux.

Missing build-essential packages:
libc6-dev, gcc, and g++. (These are because gcc and glibc aren't packaged, just did make install.)


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