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re: config.{sub,guess} and NetBSD

   >    Note that in the case of non-i386 ports, where 'unknown' may actually be a
   >    valid vendor, config.guess is *only* filling it out if there is a single
   >    vendor value - IE, something that can be put into the archtable as-is, and
   >    come back out again without conflict. So it could be i386-unknown-netbsd as
   >    far as it really matters; it's the 'elf' and version bits that cause issues
   >    (or rather, the version bit *does* cause issues, the elf bit *could* cause
   >    them, in theory).
   > note that lots of packages (such as GCC, binutils, etc.) *depend* on
   > seeing $target == i386-*netbsdelf* to enable ELF support over a.out.
   We could possibly make it i386-unknown-netbsdelf (and skip the version
   info), given the answer to #2. Perhaps we should ask the dpkg folks, first,
   though. I'll try to get an opinion from one...

FWIW, when using names manually, i tend to go with the shortest
name that works:


(you can see the "was a.out" vs. "started ELF"[*] ports. :-) 


[*] actually, i think powerpc started out E?COFF.

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