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Debian BSD minor projects

This is a wishlist of things that would be helpful for all three ports. None should really require a Debian BSD system to work on.

Filesystem stuff:
* Parted support. It would be nice if parted would build on BSD, and supported UFS. (I think disklabel support is there already, but I'm not sure.) The new Debian installer project, PGI and autoinstall all use parted, and it could also be helpful for dual-boot systems.

* UFS detection in fsck. fsck is actually a wrapper that tries to detect the filesystem, and DTRT. It would be helpful if it could identify UFS, and run fsck.ufs, like it does with all the Linux filesystems.

* Port and package UFS mkfs and fsck for Linux. Hurd might use this as well. Might be issues with differences between the BSD's. FreeBSD has some recent features that may not be in Net or Open. (Soft updates, snapshotting, etc.) I'm not sure if those would cause problems.

* Adopt pm3 or msyslog. These packages are useful to the BSD porting, and are orphaned or up for adoption on WNPP. Would be really nice if someone could look at making pm3 work on platforms other than i386.

Anyone care to add anything?


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