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NetBSD linker moving...

According to http://mail-index.netbsd.org/current-users/2002/08/26/0000.html,
NetBSD is moving to a dynamically linked /bin and /sbin, with /rescue being
the statically linked rescue binaries. Or probably is, anyway. It looks
like the decision to move ld_elf.so into /lib rather than /libexec was
mildly prophetic, or at least repeated, and a good one (I can praise it, I
had nothing to do with it :)

In any case, I suggest that at least the NetBSD port continue this trend in
our attempts, even though we're nominally aiming for 1.6 and the change to
/lib is in -current.

Oh, and with any luck, I'll soon have a 2xCel400 system running at home,
where nothing but hardware failures can take it away from me, dedicated to
the NetBSD port.
Joel Baker                           System Administrator - lightbearer.com
lucifer@lightbearer.com              http://users.lightbearer.com/lucifer/

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