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plan for freebsd-i386

Thought I'd send an update with my plans for the freebsd-i386 port.

Short term (this week):
* Clean up patches. Fix changelogs, remove obsolete changes, and
  conditionalize anything that needs it.
* Finish fixing some packaging bugs in freebsd packages. Mostly broken

Medium term (within the next month or so):
1. Get my build machine running native, instead of in a chroot. I'd
   also put it somewhere without NAT, so that I can run services.
2. Get space in the archive. Based on Anthony Towns' announcement about
   woody, I think this should be possible now.
3. Merge patches. I would like to try to merge with netbsd and openbsd
   ports first, to reduce duplication of effort.
4. Setup an autobuilder
5. See how much builds without patching. :)

Long term (when it happens):
1. Do something about installation. Probably the hardest part of the port...
2. Possibly switch to -CURRENT. Depends on stability and how long it
   takes to release sarge.
3. Hopefully release with sarge.


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