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Various and sundry


GCC 3.0: It works, or at least it passes the majority of it's tests. Unless
someone who knows a great deal more about GCC can help, or the upstream
improves it, it's about as good as we get.

Some of it is disabled (in particular, java breaks on boehm-gc stuff); this
may get fixed, and if so, I'll upload a newer version.

GCC defaults: It now selects the 3.0 compilers by default.

bsdmainutils: At the Bug Squash Party, it turned out that the FreeBSD patch
to this broke other archs rather badly. For that matter, it breaks even on
NetBSD - it's very FreeBSD native-specific. I think that I will spend some
time soon on adjusting this to build more sanely (and use things like the
wonderful autoconf...), so that it can cope with all of our build archs.

Speaking of which: two notes from the BSP, requests by various developers:

1) Please *overtly request* the use of the 'experimental' distribution, for
non-release architecture patches. Woody is already having enough problems
getting stabilized; things in experimental won't accidentally get into
other areas while nobody is looking. (Note: you might want to add lines for
the 'experimental' area of the archive, in addition to 'unstable' - groff
is there, already, for example).

2) There is no such thing as a release-critical bug for a non-releasing
architecture. Therefore, no bugs that affect only the BSD archs should ever
have a severity of 'serious' or 'grave' - these will needlessly hold up the
release, and make us quite unpopular.

3) Don't badger developers about bugs until after the release. They've got
enough to worry about already. (This does mean, BTW, that XFree86 probably
won't be fully packaged until that point - Branden simply doesn't have the
time to research a few of the questions I have about what's produced, and
without that, it can't be packaged. Patches can be made available, however,
for those wanting to get the xlibs packages available for development - but
you'll have to compile it locally. Not small, or short)

BuildD: figured out the sysinfo problem. It builds. If I had any way to put
up a public server that used it, I would.
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